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Customer Review

Based on 103 reviews
Great product

This bike is fast, it's reliable,the battery lasts longer than other e bikes, it's a great purchase!!!!

Loving it

Only just received it but regardless A1 preforms great, shocks are decent, horn is nice and loud, headlight very bright, steep hills are iffy but with pedalling you'll make it up, only concern I have is it didn't come with a user manual to answer little questions like how to remove the battery or how to fold it up but regardless loving it!

M3 Purchased 3/15

The assembly was easy once I got the correct manual. Code on outside of box was for a foldable S3. It took about 45 minutes to assembly. Got to ride about 2 miles and seems pretty stable at 25 mph. The manual okay, but could be more specific on the brakes etc replacement pads and how to replace, adjust them and a part or manufacturer name. The video only shows how remove the assembly. The only number on the assembly is the disc size. I have contacted Sohamo but they have not replied. The bike seems to be solid and I was surprised that the battery was fully charged upon receiving. So far it's seems like a good value for the money. I have the M3 750 watt motor with a 20ah battery.

Dear valued customer,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our SOHAMO M3 Fat Tire Electric Bike. We are glad to hear that the assembly process was easy for you, and we apologize for any confusion with the manual. We will make sure to clarify the instructions for future customers.

We appreciate your feedback regarding the brakes and replacement pads. We will take this into consideration for future improvements to our manuals. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us for any assistance in adjusting or replacing the brakes. We are always happy to help.

We are also happy to hear that you are satisfied with the overall quality and performance of the bike. Our team is constantly working to provide the best value for our customers.

Thank you for choosing SOHAMO and happy riding!


Love the bike

I got my M3 after doing a lot of research.
It's a lot of fun,capable and fast!
Brakes need attention... But otherwise no complaints.

Front Basket
Paul Juba
Two piece basket

Solid frame
The basket was too small for my big cat but I could easily mount a larger container on the mounting frame that bolts on to the bike


I received everything even though it was a little late and delayed a couple times but once it got here it didn't disappoint it's a fast fat tire e bike and I'm happy with my purchase


Assembly went well and bike worked well. Would like info regarding info to help me carry stuff. I do not anticipate a passenger. So, any modifications to the second seat would be ok.

Looks cool. Rides great. No problems so far. Thanks for asking.✌️🚲

Sohamo M3

I know there a couple complications that we worked out I am very well pleased with the bike but I am having a problem with setting the odo up maybe you could help me out with it other than that it great it arrived on the 5th shipment was quick thanks

SOHAMO Ebike Charger
Hameed Albushari

Great service 👍

Tubeless tyre
Junyan Li

Tubeless tyre


I like it ok.

sohamo s3

Shipped in a timely fashion and arrived in great condition. Easy to assemble and only short test as its winter in central NY . Looks great and will be eager to test run in good weather.


everyone,this bike is awsome.its not a toy,i love it.pound for pound money wise,they got them all beat.,very durable,good top in balance,pretty fast,kinda,its more bottom end speed then super fast take off,dirt mud off road very well shipped 2 or 3 days came very well packing,all was there,hint go to youtube look up instruction,hint take your time ,follow there page.dont force anything on,do this correct double check,its worth it yall thanks to SOHAMO you guys are awsome

Fishing and vacation and more bike

The ebike runs and rides like a expensive one and it looks like a ww1 motorcycle and got the parts that FedEx somehow lost back for without having to pay a cent more so if you want a company that cares remember

HD Wide-Angle Rearview Mirror (a pair)
Hernan Herrera Rubio

Very nice

From Garry

Good value with high quality, Service after sale is awesome! Highly recommended.

A great gift and a great bike

The first thing is the duration of the battery, it last for a very long time. One thing I can say it has shockers but they can do better so it doesn’t make a sound every time you hit something. Overall we love it.


Just put it together, not bad at all. First couple of rides, took off great and worked well. So far my son is loving it and it is all that i was hoping it would be. I will write again as time goes on and we see how it lasts. Thank you very much.

Wonderful addition

The basket is clutch. It's a huge relief to ride around without my backpack. A set of bungee straps is helpful too

box and bike came damaged

I came home from work and the bike was on the porch my mother was home when it arrived the box was severely damaged and upon opening and unboxing it I noticed that the battery is damaged, i would like to get a new one, other than that it looks like a solid bike can you get back to me as soon as possible I am really looking forward to riding this bike I have pictures on my phone of all of the damages

Hello, Billy Harrah,
My apology for the difficulties you have been experiencing with our product.

This kind of situation may be caused by violent transportation. We are taking actions to improve item packaging to avoid this kind of situation.
We are committed to provide you with required support.

1. Could you pls kindly provide us with some pictures/ videos as evidence?
2. Please help to provide the frame number and it usually starts with SU (locates next to the battery), so that we can confirm the E-Bike version and ensure parts are sent correctly;
Note: Please remember to keep your bike frame number.
If your bike gets lost, you can use the frame number to ask the police to help you find it.

If you are free, and you can check whether there are other problems that need our help besides the problems you mentioned.

Plz don't worry, we would give you the best solution once we confirm the problem.
We are truly sorry for the inconvenience and hope to offer you better services.

Look forward to your reply!
Best wishes!

SOHAMO A1 Folding E-Bike
walter` puchalski

SOHAMO A1 Folding E-Bike

Worth every dollar

Great bike honestly had a tiny e bike before buying this one and can't be more happy that I finally upgraded


E-Bike is running good condition.